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Services I Offer As Your

Business architect

- Coach entrepreneurs, owners of start-up and small to medium sized businesses 

- Following the A.C.T.I.O.N. Plan, a proprietary coaching strategy, that focuses on the individual business and leads the owners through  6 critical phases that build business traction.

- Analyze the business at its lifecycle (start-up, growth or exit) 

- Offering SWOT Analysis- with specific recommendations

- Business Plan coaching, and strategies that will move your business forward. 

- Identify, develop and implement operational strategies to maximize your   business' efficiencies

- Develop strategies to strengthen market position, sales potential and staffing effectiveness in order to build traction.

Training and Seminars

Individualized Corporate and Team Training

- Training seminars to address your business needs (sales training, team development, customer service, business development, leadership and management skills)

- Create and lead 1-2 day summit sessions for business analysis and  strategy development



Motivational Topics

- Climbing Kilimanjaro- the strategy behind the struggle

- Turning obstacles into stepping-stones

- Leading through chaos

- Creating Opportunities

Business Topics 

-The A.C.T.I.O.N. Plan- business strategy- solid footing on the way to the top

-The Art of Disruption 

- The Science of Business - the value of failure and discovering opportunities

- Developing a Thriving Culture

- The Art of being Influential- getting people to follow your lead

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