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About me...

Passionate About Inspiring Others

I've got an idea... In fact I have tons of ideas that have resulted in businesses evolving from good to great! I work with entrepreneurs, small businesses and corporations who are quite literally, stuck.


In a nutshell... I am a visionary and strategist, two very useful traits for observing the changing business landscape, creating strategies and developing leaders to navigate their teams successfully through challenging times. 

I am also a cage rattler and a bear poker.

I see disruption as a necessary part of business and social evolution. 

According to Tom Rath’s Strengths Finder analysis, my top five strengths are as follows:

  • Maximizer: I look at the business’s strengths with the goal of turning something good into something great. I observe and analyze what is missing and strategize to fill the gaps.

  • Arranger: When presented with complex situations I analyze the options to create the most effective configuration to achieve the business goals.

  • Strategic: I can see the big picture and effectively execute a plan to maneuver obstacles. I challenge what is known to create opportunities. 

  • Futuristic: While engaging in the present, I keep one eye on the horizon. Curiosity pushes me to challenge businesses to continuously strive to be their most relevant version. Once a goal is achieved it becomes the stepping-stone for a future goal and a new horizon.

  • Individualization: I am intrigued by the unique qualities of each company, each leader and each team. I coach towards building a culture that supports a thriving unique business.

With these strengths I developed a business strategy called the A.C.T.I.O.N. Plan. which follows the process of: Awareness, Commitment, Team, Implementation, Opportunities and Next.

Recently I employed this strategy to successfully summit Mount Kilimanjaro and have written a book describing how to apply the A.C.T.I.O.N. Plan to your businesses in order to build traction, while sharing true experiences of my climb.

My experiences include...

  • Coaching business owners in a variety of industries including: retail, interior design, manufacturing, health and wellness (from senior care and sports associations to medical and health facilities) , hospitality, construction and landscape, multi-media  (from film production companies to web design) Working with owners of start-ups as well as established businesses

  • Corporate training of sales teams from all industries, management and executive training focusing on goals and KPI strategies, communication, culture and team building, awareness and opportunity training

  • Author of "Freezing My Ass Off on Kilimanjaro"                                                                                  Feature writer for the Edmonton Journal for 14 years   

  • Speaking for purposes of training as well as Key Note and motivational sessions including ATB Financial Conference, ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Edward Jones Financial, Edmonton Symphony Orchestra fundraising event, Edmonton Home and Garden Show, Greater Edmonton Teachers Convention Association, Canadian Women Network, various national and international nutritional and medical conferences.

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