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My Ass Off on Kilimanjaro

The entrepreneur's survival guide for building traction on a changing business terrain

What better way to speak to the raw challenges of launching and running a successful business, than to equate it to the struggle of climbing a mountain? 

Freezing My Ass Off on Kilimanjaro is a multifaceted strategy, which takes new and seasoned business owners on a metaphorical journey "up the mountain." LEANNE BROWNOFF, business coach and writer, uses her vast experience working with large and small businesses to create a culture of awareness that incites relevant and critical change necessary for today's businesses to adjust, survive, and thrive. With excerpts from her Mount Kilimanjaro climb, she overlays the riveting experience with compelling and informative business strategies, audio segments, and intriguing interviews with leading business owners, making Freezing My Ass Off on Kilimanjaro a survival guide for entrepreneurs poised to make traction on the business terrain. 


"Finally, a refreshing approach to growing a business that offers clear direction and simple, well-thought-out resources. A wonderful, true story of adventure tied with great insight into growing a business."

Ryan de Miliano, C.E.T, Owner | RAD Media

" Freezing My Ass Off on Kilimanjaro is a compelling read and "script" for entrepreneurs and anyone with a penchant for creating value. Leanne Brownoff has deep experience in helping business understand and execute the daunting route needed for a successful summit. ... novice and seasoned business leaders will find the book both entertaining and informative. Buy it, read it, and put it to work for your own climb."

Lorne Rubis, Chief Evangelist ATB Financial, Author, The Character Triangle

"Maybe it's not even fair to call Kilimanjaro solely a book. It's a business strategy, expert advice and inspiring metaphor in one. The A.C.T.I.O.N. Plan is an accessible strategy any entrepreneur, team leader, or business owner can use at any stage of business. ... Kilimanjaro creates a challenge to other writers of business books equal to that of the mountain's impressive peaks. How will they accomplish nearly as much as Leanne Brownoff manages to pack into this book?"

Jeff Samsonow, Publisher,  Producer of Media and Television 

"This book is a defined road map to success and an insight into where you want your life, your vision to be. Definitely on the reading list for all entrepreneurs!"

Gay Derk, President of Derks & Bridal Fantasy, Bridal Fantasy Magazine

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